What are the outstanding features of fire-resistant glass

2019-06-18 1844

Fireproof glass is a kind of natural inorganic fiber made by high speed centrifugation or radiation after melting minerals such as lime stone and quartz powder in furnace.Fireproof glass flame retardant material shows very low thermal conductivity, no matter in low temperature and high temperature environment can adhere to excellent thermal insulation function.Let us let the manufacturer to give you a detailed introduction.


Fireproof glass also has the outstanding sound absorption function, will not subdue, will not attack the toxic gas, will not corrode, the aging and so on characteristic.In addition, low water absorption, excellent use in humid environment.Yantai glass wool insulation planning using aluminum foil superfine glass wool is stuck outside, two layers of staggered joints lap, with heat resistant steel plate fixed on the vertical main keel, heat preservation material from the inside of the structure wall for 50 mm thickness of air layer, prevent the rain once from thin link into the stone external insulation materials shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp, heat preservation material is unfavorable also indirectly stick after the stone surface, or stay in stone material surface moisture, once caused by in the sun, or stone material surface on the inner surface temperature difference is bigger, can cause uneven stone external stress.

Air holes can be set along the joints of stone materials under the sealing of stone curtain wall or on the top of Windows, so that the air between the stone veneer and insulation materials can be circulated to prevent moisture from remaining, and condensate water outside the stone materials can also be discharged from the air holes.Low temperature resistant glass wool, with special raw materials and special processing made of sheet or roll felt products, suitable for power plant, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and boiler, echo kettle, tank body, pipe and other lower temperature medium insulation, heat insulation and noise reduction.

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