What are the principles of fireproof glass curtain wall design

2019-06-18 1880

Fireproof glass manufacturers to introduce the curtain wall planning guidelines, please follow the fireproof glass manufacturers to look down:

1, the planning of construction must consider its safety requirements, one of which is the planning of fire prevention.

2. For the general fire prevention planning between curtain wall layers, the method of setting fire isolation layer should be selected.

3. In the upper and lower parts of the house along the solid part, the upper and lower layers with a thickness of no less than 100mm should be set up respectively.


4. Generally, the fire insulation layer is made of 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate, which is used as the supporting plate to use the fire prevention plate. The mineral wool incombustible material tightly covered with tin paper is used to fill the inner body of the interlayer cavity with 100mm thickness.

5. The protective isolation layer shall try to make the beam of the curtain wall consistent with the elevation of the floor, so as to fill the incombustible data, and prevent a piece of glass from crossing the two fire partitions.

6. The beam should be in a 100mm thick fire isolation layer to protect the beam and its upper curtain wall plate.

7. When the curtain wall interior is the open fire function area such as the kitchen of a large hotel or restaurant, cesium potassium fire-proof glass should be considered for the curtain wall glass of this part, so as to improve the fire prevention level of this area.

8. For the fire prevention setting of the adjacent left and right areas of the curtain wall, the same method of fire prevention setting between the above layers can be used for the same treatment. In the connection between the fire isolation layer and the main body and the curtain wall, the fire sealant should be used for the sealing treatment.

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